Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Joe McNally Interview on Photoshop User TV

I'm such a slacker, I usually watch PhotoshopUser TV's new episode the day it comes out, but this past week has seen me away from the PC fairly regularly.

But, the latest chapter in the life of PhotoshopUser TV includes an interview with Joe McNally, world famous Nikon shooter, where he talks a bit about the work he's been doing for Kelby Training, what sort of kit he'd take on a minimalist shoot, SB-800 & SB-900 flashes, his take on Nikon's new D3s, selling his D3 bodies, blogging and the HD video features of the new wave of DSLRs.

There's also an extended interview with Joe McNally, continuing on from the interview in their regular show where Dave Cross asks a bunch more questions and gets a bit more in depth.

PS. Yes, I have permission from Joe to use his photo. :)

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