Monday, 1 February 2010

Chase Jarvis Live

So I thought this was quite a neat idea when I first heard about it, although I was kind of curious about the format and interaction with viewers given that it was a live production shoot.  I didn't actually hear about it until it was already over halfway through, so only caught the last 3 hours or so, but it was a fairly enlightening experience.

For those of you who have never heard of Chase Jarvis, he's a multi-award winning photographer based in Seattle, Washington.  He's done shoots for the promotion of the new Sandisk Extreme Pro cards, and many other big names.  He was also asked to be a judge, and help decide who gets the $100,000 prize, in the Nikon Festival.

As I said, I found out about it late, but CJLive was quite a unique experience, and not exactly what I'd expected.  One that I find difficult to describe in ways different to those already stated by others.  It gave you a lot to think about with regard to inspiration, style and evolution of a shoot, rather than talking about the geek stuff and settings used.  I think this article from Suiiter Designs pretty much sums up my sentiments the closest.

The whole event is expected to be archived online at some point for future viewing, but no news as to when yet.

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