Saturday, 6 February 2010

Tweeting & Stuff

At the request (some might call it nagging Big grin) of a few readers I've finally gotten around to registering over on Twitter (and I do plan on "tweeting" as often as is useful without spamming the place) and I've also added social bookmarking icons with links to most of the major sites (yes, I know there's a couple missing).

I've got a few more planned to put up as soon as I find the time to dig up the appropriate code & URLs, so stay tuned.  Please post a comment on this blog entry if there's any specific site you want me to try and add support for.

Big thank you to Mohanjith's Blog for the links, and another big thank you to jwloh over at Deviant Art for creating his icon set. :)

I will also get around to changing the template for this at some point.  I've been having a browse around the various blogger template sites on the web, but I've not really seen anything that jumps out at me as something I'd like to use.  So, it will get done in my own time, and make something of my own, as I figure out how the blogger template structure actually works.

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