Sunday, 10 January 2010

Converting Framerates in AE

Any of you who have been into video editing for more than 10 minutes I'm sure will be aware of the incredible information and tutorials created by Andrew Kramer over at VideoCopilot.  I went back to one tutorial in particular recently due to the Nikon D300s shooting at 24fps, and the PAL standard being 25fps.

Now, you could simply place your 24fps footage into a 25fps timeline (or 30fps, for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic) and have it automatically work itself out for you, but more than likely you're going to be getting duplicated frames, resulting in jerky video.  This is where Andrew's "Frame Rate Converter" tutorial comes to the rescue.

All of the techniques shown can be done manually using a calculator and AfterEffects' built-in plugins (the "Timewarp" effect in this case), but there is a preset included with the tutorial that just helps to speed things up a bit and save a few headaches.  Andrew demonstrates in the tutorial how to recreate the preset for yourself if you don't want to download it.

As you're generally adding frames to D300s footage (going from 24fps to 25 or 30 fps) pay particular attention to what he says about "motion vector artifacts" at around the 8m 30s mark, but do watch the whole thing so you can fully understand what it's doing.

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