Friday, 8 January 2010

D300s Firmware Update

You might've seen this mentioned elsewhere already, but a couple of days ago (Jan 6th) Nikon announced a firmware update (A/B 1.0.1) for the D300s.
Please note that this firmware update is ONLY for the Nikon D300s.

D300 users should see this page for the PC or this page for the Mac to download the A/B 1.10 patch for the Nikon D300.

If you want to see what the latest Firmware revision is for any of your Nikon equipment, you can have a look here to see all the current firmware updates available for each Nikon product.

Bear in mind, that some products (possibly just the older ones like my decaying D100 bodies) cannot be updated by the user and must be sent to Nikon for this to be done at the factory.  If this is the case for your product, clicking on the version link next to it in the list should take you to a page informing you of this.

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