Friday, 26 February 2010

The Charging Has Begun

So, I've not quite left yet. I'm currently in the process of charging up all my batteries ready for the weekend's shooting; 5x Nikon EN-EL3e, 40x GP2700mAh AA, 12x GP1000mAh AAA. Should keep me busy for a while.

But, I just saw something mentioned over on Twitter that caught my eye. I know we've all seen the tilt shift effect timelapse over on Vimeo and Youtube before, but "The Sandpit" is one I felt was particularly nice and very well executed.

Shot mostly with the Nikon D3 (there are some bits done with a D80), and the tilt-shift effect added in Post, this is one of the best examples of time-lapse tilt-shift effect footage I've seen.

I'm sure the 35,000 images took a lot more effort and willpower to post and put together than he's letting on, but you can read more about the making of it over on AĆ©ro Film's blog.

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